Greek Orzo Garbage Bowl Salad

Updated: Feb 27

You're probably wondering, what in the hell is a Garbage Bowl Salad?! It's a term I made up to describe most of my meals I make for lunch & dinner. There is nothing I love more than simple meals. And that is exactly what Garbage Bowl Salads are. Simple! I basically just utilize whatever ingredients I have in my fridge & pantry & make it up as I go. Usually resulting in delicious, unique meals.

Below is one I made this week that my sister & we can not stop devouring it! We had to make a whole other batch, with a full box second time around! lol



Orzo is a tiny pasta with big benefits! Packed full of carbohydrates, which are your brains preferred method of energy, and will help get you through all the duties of the day! It is also known for fighting fatigue, will keep you fuller longer, aids in weight loss, reduces inflammation, promotes GI Health, provides iron, fiber, & protein, and protects against heart disease.

Cilantro is a recovery powerhouse food!!! It's can help with anxiety, natural pain killer, lowers blood sugar, helps with stress, anti-inflammatory, and aids in detox.

Another recovery powerhouse food, Cherry Tomatoes. Rich in vitamins & antioxidants, including lycopene (specific powerful antioxidant). Other benefits include: counters bad effects of smoking, good for your skin, improves digestive health, helps improve vision, boosts immunity, super high in anti-Oxidants, helps blood sugar balance.

Cool, refreshing cucumbers are low in calories & packed with nutritious vitamins & minerals. Pro Tip: most of the beneficial nutritional value of cucumbers, including bone nourishing vitamin K, comes from the peel. Some other benefits include: keeps you hydrated, aids in managing stress, reduces bad breath, relieves joint pain, prevents headaches, & aids in weight loss.



  • 1/2 box whole grain orzo

  • EVOO

  • S&P to taste

  • cherry tomatoes

  • cucumber

  • jalapeno

  • cilantro

  • salami

  • feta cheese

  • herbs de provence

  • red wine vinegar

  • avocado


  • In a medium pot cook your orzo according to the directions on the box. Add EVOO & salt to the water.

  • While that cooks, prepare the rest of your ingredients by cutting tomatoes, cucumber, cilantro, jalapeno, etc.

  • Combine all remaining ingredients to large bowl. Add orzo once done.

  • Dress with more EVOO, S&P, and Herbs de Provence to taste.