Part 2: Nutrition, not restriction. Learning how to eat intuitively.

Updated: Mar 15

Dieting is an extremely recent development in the history of humankind. The body is designed to regulate food and control weight without the help of rules and diet plans, and intuitive eating encourages you to take advantage of those natural cues.

Today, we’re busier, more stressed, and more distracted, which has led to

  • overeating

  • emotional eating

  • and poor food choices

We’ve gotten into the habit of eating in front of the television, eating while driving, and mindlessly snacking while sitting in the office. These habits have distracted us from staying in tune with our bodies and actually feeding them with the fuel that they crave when they crave it. During these series of blog posts for the month of March, I want to act as your guide to empower and assure you that your body is capable of telling you what it needs - you just have to listen to it!

Have you tried dozens of diets with no success? Probably because traditional dieting is all about restricting and forbidding certain foods that you’ve grown to love. While this may be a habit you’re able to maintain for a couple of days or weeks, it’s not a sustainable way of living! The diet industry is worth $66 billion, but diets almost never work! Through this months blog series I’m going to help you learn how to tap into your natural diet plan by listening to the cues your body is naturally giving you.

Intuitive eating is an approach that was developed to help people heal from the side effects of chronic dieting. More often than not, diets fail and any weight that’s lost is eventually gained back. This cycle of “failure” results in something we call a “diet backlash” - which means increased rigidity regarding good versus bad foods, decreased trust in one’s own ability to regulate food, and a generally negative attitude surrounding food and health.

My goal for this experience is to help you get in tune with your body so that you can work in sync with it to find a diet plan and eating habits that can both nourish and satisfy you for the rest of your life.

Alright, lets dig in!


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