Sliced Chicken Sandwich with Indian Mango Chutney

Updated: Feb 27

Another super simple & absolutely delicious meal that will provide you with so many nutrients beneficial for your recovery. Side Note: You can find the chutney in a jar or bottle in most grocery stores.



Chicken is one of the best sources of complete protein, featuring all essential amino acids. Protein is a building block of bones & muscles. Chicken will help with muscle maintenance, increased energy, oxygenation of the blood, & iron-deficient anemia (very common with those recovery from AUD).

Mangos are a rich source of antioxidants, providing high levels of vitamins A, C, and E for immune strength, healthy skin & eyes, & cardiovascular health, & they are known to reduce symptoms of gastritis. Also known to help with: immunity, blood health, strong bones & muscles, energy, enhanced brain function, digestive health, & possible cancer protection.

Whole grains contain iron, dietary fiber, and B vitamins and are a satisfying & nutritious food to include in the diet. Refined grains, in processed foods like white breads and pastas, have lower nutritional values and are more likely to cause a spike in blood sugar.

Whole grains, on the other hand, are digested slowly, allowing the body to keep its blood sugar levels more stable. Whole grains provide sustained and high-quality energy. As an excellent source of fiber, they also promote healthy digestive habits



  • leftover roasted chicken

  • sweet Indian mango chutney

  • whole grain bread

  • lettuce

  • avocado


  • To prepare simply layer the sliced chicken, avocado, lettuce & chutney on toasted whole grain bread and enjoy!



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