Sunday Fundays

Sunday Fundays use to be all about rallying to fit in one more day of partying before going back into the dreaded work week.

But there was nothing fun about them! They were spent hungover induced, exhausted, & dragging myself to whatever “fun” function was planned.

I’d be stuffing my face with grease food, bc that was the cure-all for a bad hangover to “soak up all the alcohol”. Whatever the fuck that even means. Along with a Bloody Mary chasing 800mg Ibuprofen & some charcoal pills.

“Sunday Fundays” were usually paired with something equally excruciating. Like a pool party or BBQ in 115-degree weather or some sort of sporting event with a level of noise, it was like nails to a chalkboard for my brain.

But I’d willingly partake & torture myself with these events, chugging as much alcohol as I could to numb the hangover. By 3 pm I’d be falling asleep, ready for more grease food to be eaten in bed, followed by a 5:30 am alarm clock telling me it’s time to grind.

I’d wake up in a blur wondering how the fuck I got home, what day is it, fuck I have work today & dreading all of the events from the weekend. I’d stumble into work, bloodshot eyes, puffy all over with a supersize coffee in tow. Everyone would be sharing their stories of what wonderful weekends they had & my response was always the same, “it was good! Nothing special. Just catching up on things at home.” LIAR!!!!

I’d drag myself through the day begrudgingly hating every second of it, staring at the clock, waiting for the minute I could dash out the door & head back to the bar to take the edge off.

Thank the Lord that cycle is over for me! Now I spend my weekends with my family, being productive, actually getting things done around the house & also having lazy days to truly allow my body to rest from just regular day-to-day life.

And now since it isn’t busy trying to constantly repair my daily alcohol consumption it actually has time to just function normally. Allowing me to do what I truly love & makes me happy every day!!

I hope your Sunday is being spent being able to do the same.


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